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Free Swag From Sweetery Today: It's pretty gross out today but it you work near Hudson & King you might want to go hit up the Sweetery truck this morning. They're giving away free bags of Coffee Lab coffee beans which is what they use on the truck. Let the freeloading begin!

Papa Perrone Gives More Details Of FiDi Shop, Plans For Truck

Future home of many kinds of carbs.

When last I heard from Johnpaul from the Papa Perrone truck about the shop they will be a part of on Water St. (at Coenties Slip), there weren’t a lot of details hammered out about what would be served since the opening isn’t expected until December or January (or later, since these places almost never open on schedule). Since then, more information has come our way regarding what’s going to be served at the store, and what will happen to the truck that those in midtown know and love. Click through for what Mr. Perrone has to say (and it includes talk of doughnuts and rice balls).

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Get Half Off At Sushein: Do you love kosher sushi from a conveyor belt? Well, this deal for $20 worth of food at Sushein in Tribeca for $10 is for you. This place is basically out of ML price range, so this may be your shot at eating imitation crab paired with strawberry and mango.

ML Downtown Forums: Beer, Conveyer Belt Sushi

Food Trucks Galore, Free Dessert Today: It's Wednesday, and that means the food trucks are descending on downtown like flies on your plate of street meat. On the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Wafels & Dinges is at Hanover Sq., Korilla BBQ is on Front, Frites N Meats is on Hudson, La Cense is on Wall and Gorilla Cheese is on Varick. Bian Dang is at Coenties Slip, and Bistro Truck is on Water along with Mexicue which has BBQ squash tacos. You can also get a free dessert at Hot Clay Oven on Maiden Lane in celebration of Diwali.

With Koodo Sushi’s Ramen Special, You Can Go Cheap Or Deluxe

We are somewhat lacking in quality ramen soup options in the Financial District, or rather I should say, quality options for $10 or less. Most of our ramen comes from glorified delis or places like Niko Niko. When I saw that Koodo Sushi on Nassau (at Liberty) had a new ramen soup special I decided it was worth a shot since a real restaurant had a better shot at giving us the good stuff than a deli sidelining in Asian food.

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Cuban, Falafel, Grilled Cheese On The Twitter Tracker: On your Tuesday ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Bongo Brothers is at Old Slip, Cupcake Crew and Big D's are at Hanover Sq., Eddie's Pizza has its cart on Greenwich with new tomato soup, and Taim, Korilla BBQ and Wall St. Burgers are on Varick. Rickshaw Dumplings and Bistro Truck are on Hudson, Calexico has shredded beef brisket on Prince and Gorilla Cheese has a "brunch for lunch" melt on Water, where Mexicue is also parked.