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Papa Perrone Gives More Details Of FiDi Shop, Plans For Truck

Future home of many kinds of carbs.

When last I heard from Johnpaul from the Papa Perrone truck about the shop they will be a part of on Water St. (at Coenties Slip), there weren’t a lot of details hammered out about what would be served since the opening isn’t expected until December or January (or later, since these places almost never open on schedule). Since then, more information has come our way regarding what’s going to be served at the store, and what will happen to the truck that those in midtown know and love. Click through for what Mr. Perrone has to say (and it includes talk of doughnuts and rice balls).

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Papa Perrone Truck Opening Brick & Mortar

If you were on Twitter yesterday you may have spotted the sort of vague post above from the Papa Perrone truck about opening a brick and mortar on Water St. Well, Papa Perrone himself confirmed in an e-mail that this is happening in a couple of months when they open at 36 Water St. (nr. Coenties Slip). There were a bunch of empty storefronts on that stretch of street, one of which was just filled by OBAO Noodles & BBQ, and it sounds like the Papa Perrone collaboration is working on a design at the moment. Word is they’re also thinking of putting the Rutgers grease truck special on the menu, but nothing’s nailed down at the moment.