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Lemongrass Grill Comes Back To Life As Lemon Leaves

It looks like Lemongrass Grill, the Thai place on William St. that closed after getting the Department of Health yellow sticker treatment back in November, has been reincarnated on Nassau St. This version’s called Lemon Leaves and is run by the chef from Lemongrass in the space that held (still holds?) Koodo Sushi. The Koodo signs are still up, but a search on Seamless shows a menu of  Lemon Leaves’ Thai items, and everything is $10 or less. I’m not going to get excited about a new, affordable Thai option because I’ve been burned by getting my hopes up in the past.

With Koodo Sushi’s Ramen Special, You Can Go Cheap Or Deluxe

We are somewhat lacking in quality ramen soup options in the Financial District, or rather I should say, quality options for $10 or less. Most of our ramen comes from glorified delis or places like Niko Niko. When I saw that Koodo Sushi on Nassau (at Liberty) had a new ramen soup special I decided it was worth a shot since a real restaurant had a better shot at giving us the good stuff than a deli sidelining in Asian food.

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