Did Centre Melts Make Me A Grilled Cheese Convert?

Here’s a confession: I’m not a huge fan of grilled cheese. That was why I was kind of perplexed when I heard there was more than one truck devoted to this sandwich hitting the streets of New York City, and after eating at the first one to launch, I was even more confused. Why would people pay nearly $10 for two slices of bread with some cheese in it? Couldn’t I make this at home with little effort? Centre Melts, one of the new kiosks around 1 Centre St., opened a while back and I was curious if it was going to be any better than the mobile competition. To the analysis!

I really like these kiosks and that fact that you could potentially mix and match your lunch from more than one place if you want. Centre Melts’ main sellers seem to be sandwiches and drinks. They have Mud coffee along with fancypants lemonade and iced tea. Other than that it’s all grilled cheese, all the time including daily specials for $8¬†that when I was there were a tuna melt and a sandwich involving cheese, sauerkraut and kielbasa. Those were the only meat options on the menu but there is an impressive roster of vegetable and fruit add ins to your grilled cheese.

I ordered asiago with tomato and mushroom, styling myself a sort of Italian sandwich on pain de mie bread. Other options were brioche and sourdough. The sandwich with one topping is $6, and others after that are 75 cents so mine came to $7.35. I didn’t care though because it was still cheaper than a certain other grilled cheese¬†sandwich

This was a decently-sized sandwich and had two slices of cheese and a fair amount of toppings. It was nicely buttered and browned, but one word of warning – sogginess sets in pretty fast due to the wrapping in aluminum coated paper.

If you like grilled cheese and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, Centre Melts is probably going to provide you with a solid lunch. As for me, I’ll be over at the Nixtamalito kiosk eating tacos.

Centre Melts, east side of 1 Centre St.


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