Roster Of Food Kiosks Near City Hall Keeps Growing

The opening of the Nixtamalito Taqueria kiosk was a big deal for the area around city hall and the 1 Centre St. building that was mostly void of decent lunch options. Since that opened several of the other kiosks nearby that were vacant have become occupied, selling things like burgers and cafe fare, quiche and gluten-free pizza, fancy grilled cheese and shaved ice. One more is set to open next to Nixtamalito, selling Korean BBQ, making this one of the most concentrated areas of decent lunch options downtown. Click through for a look at what municipal workers and those on jury duty can look forward to come lunch time.

The east side of 1 Centre has more kiosk options than the west side closest to the Brooklyn Bridge where Nixtamalito and the upcoming Koki & Vegi Korean BBQ purveyor are. There wasn’t a menu up so it’s anyone’s guess what kind of meats will be served.

If you walk around the gigantic building you’ll find the Plaza Food Court selling various diner staples, including breakfast, along with Centre Melts with grilled cheese, Snack-A -Meal with items like crepes, quiche, falafel, and mini pizzas. Next to that there’s the Wooly’s shaved ice cart that will likely be popular on all of those 100 degree days this summer.

Centre Melts intrigued me the most, partly due to the recent launch of the Gorilla Cheese truck and backlash about the prices of some of their sandwiches. At this kiosk you pick a bread, a cheese and a topping which are all vegetarian and include things like mushrooms, pears and leeks. And they’re all $6 which to me seems like a fair price for a grilled cheese, although admittedly I haven’t seen the size of the sandwiches.

If any of you lunch’ers check out any of these places let us know your impressions in the comments.


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