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PROFILE: Downtown Lunch’er “Phillip”

As is customary here on Midtown Lunch, every Tuesday we’ll profile a different lunch’er and get their recommendations for places to eat in Downtown NYC. This week, we have Phillip who unfortunately works in the World Financial Center, but fortunately that area is getting more respectable lunch options.

Name: Phillip

Occupation: Marketing manager

Where you work: World Financial Center

Age: 25

Favorite Kinds of Food: Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, anything with a dipping sauce.

Least Favorite Foods: Shredded coconut, any kind of meat served with bones in it.

Favorite Lunches Downtown: Sophie’s Cuban (Multiple Locations) seems to be the go-to place for when I venture out of the WFC, but I also like The Bigger Place on Warren St. (at W. Broadway) for fresh Mexican.  Ho Yip on Liberty (btw. Greenwich & Trinity Pl.) is also a great option – I usually stick to the pay-by-the-pound buffet, but think they do an exceptional job on variety and quality for such a place.  I also like Mangez Avec Moi on W. Broadway (btw. Murray & Warren) and Nicky’s Vietnamese Sandwiches on Nassau (btw. Fulton & Ann) for banh mi cravings.

The “go-to” lunch place you and your co-workers eat at too often: We have a company cafeteria that unfortunately becomes the default location for any lunch, even though the offerings are exceptionally mediocre.  The 2(!) Devon & Blakely locations in the WFC are convenient for grab-and-go lunches and I love their pasta primavera and channa salads – plus we never have to set foot outside to get to either one.

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Taim Has Sabich Today: Most trucks took yesterday off because we did but they're back on the road today, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker. Taim Mobile is on Varick with sabich, Korilla is also on Varick and Bistro Truck is on Hudson. Big D's and Coolhaus are at Hanover Sq., Cevap is on Water and Souvlaki Truck is at Old Slip.

Food Trucks On Hudson St. May Be Under Fire

Late last week there was a Twitter post from the Sweetery people that was a little alarming. It concerned the stretch of Hudson St. in SoHo between King and Charlton that you can see above, and was a sign that the increasing number of food trucks parking on these blocks in the past year hasn’t gone unnoticed.

I got in touch with Grant from Sweetery to see what this was all about. The truck has been parking there for about a year and a half and along with Rickshaw Dumplings is one of the trucks most often parked on Hudson. See what he had to say, after the jump. Read more »

Luke’s Lobster Serving Food At The End Of The Week

The guys at the helm of Luke’s Lobster have had a busy May launching a truck and opening a store in Washington D.C., and they’re about to make the Financial District a little more lunchable. According to a Twitter post yesterday, the new shop on S. William (btw. Hanover Sq. & Broad) is opening on Friday! The truck hasn’t really ventured down to us but hey, we get a store that won’t just be here one day a week so no complaints here! Menu straight ahead. Read more »

Is Shake Shack (Finally) Opening This Week?!

It seems like forever since the news broke that Battery Park City was getting a Shake Shack, and it kind of was…last July to be exact. I went to check in on the progress of the space on Murray (btw. West & N. End Ave.) and was greeted by an outside and inside that looked ready to go, as well as workers inside and promising signs taped to the windows. Read more »

Downtown Links (The “It’s OK To Eat Ice Cream For Lunch When It’s Warm Out, Right?” Edition)


Rubirosa’s slice is a winner. Courtesy of Slice.

  • Columbine has changed its name to something unrelated to school violence. [Fork in the Road]
  • A Vermont-based pizza change is maybe coming to a dead zone on Canal. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • Three slices go head-to-head in the greater SoHo area. [Slice]
  • A look at the tasty-looking torta at Nixtamalito. [Lunch Studio]
  • A five-way lobster roll smackdown to get you primed for Luke’s Lobster opening in the FiDi. [Zagat]

Twitter Tracker, TGIF Edition: I'm sure a lot of you who are working today will be taking a leisurely lunch, so why not check out a food truck? The ML Downtown Twitter Tracker shows Rickshaw on Hudson along with Sweetery and Eddie's Pizza. Wafels & Dinges has a cart on Broadway in SoHo, La Cense is on Wall and Souvlaki GR is at Old Slip.