Pita Press Brings Us Greek Fast Food

Greek food isn’t something we have a lot of downtown. There are places like Zeytuna and Koyzina Cafe that sell some vaguely Greek items but most of it is more Middle Eastern. When it was pointed out that something called Pita Press had opened on Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl) I had no idea what it was and assumed it was another falafel shop. You can’t miss the blinding sign and interior of the shop that proves if you are selling Greek food you must use blue as a color scheme. What really caught my attention, though, were the words “Greek rotisserie.”

It’s a small space with some seating off to the left. The first thing that struck me was the amount of choices for food was a little overwhelming. You can get pita sandwiches or a platter with meat (lamb, pork, chicken two ways, bifteki), vegetarian (zucchini feta fritters) or vegan (tomato mint fritters with fava bean dip) options. Then there are six side options if you get a platter, desserts and Greek yogurt smoothies.

I ordered a platter with lamb and beef, and giant baked beans as my side on the recommendation of the counter staff. It was $9.75 but as you can see it’s a lot of food. The tzatziki was thick with Greek yogurt and the lamb/beef mixture was like the best street meat you could imagine. The beans were tasty but I’ve also heard the lemon potatoes are good. Rounding out the platter was some soft flatbread and a lettuce salad with some black olives thrown in.

Both the desserts and smoothie station looked like they’re worth checking out but I was out of stomach space. And for a light lunch I would imagine that a Greek yogurt smoothie ($6.25) would be enough on its own.

This place has the look of a chain and that may be the direction they’re heading in like Hot Clay Oven nearby. And based on the food I tried that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Pita Press, 25 Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl), (212) 344-9737



  • Hey I was just on another site and it says regarding the Pita Press that “The much-loved Souvlaki GR truck goes brick-and-mortar in the Financial District.”….is Pita Press ran by the Souvlaki GR people???

  • So, read this yesterday and sent the link around to some co-workers. 4 of us walked over to Cedar and all of us agreed that place was good and the platters were HUGE as you said. Two of us got lamb/beef and the other two got rotisserie chicken, which meant two of us did not stay under ML prices. This makes me sad my office is moving to Flatiron-ish area in 2 weeks, but thank you for this post.

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    @gingerchloe: Sorry for the late response, but I’m pretty sure that other site was confused. I think the Koyzina Grill people are behind this, not Souvlaki GR…

  • Oh no problem; that is what I thought. I tried it the other day and it was very tasty. I did try the lemon potatos and they were AH-MAZE-ZING! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Thanks for the heads up on this place. I stopped by the other night for some downtown-dinner just before they close at 7pm. Lamb and beef platter with lemon potatoes. It was really a ton of food, and I thought, “Umm…hm…this IS a tasty platter.” Washed it down with a pinot grigio at home. That hit the spot.

    The lady at the register told me once they have take-out menus ready, they’ll open till 10pm. They ain’t opening on Sat/Sun yet though.

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