Pita Press Opens Serving Greek Food, Yogurt Smoothies

About the same time that Souvlaki GR opened its brick and mortar on the Lower East Side, Pita Press quietly did the same in the FiDi on Cedar St. It kind of flew under the radar until they put up that bright blue sign that’s noticeable from William St. Lunch’er Jonathan wrote in yesterday and had this to say:

You guys should check out Pita Press on Cedar St. between Pearl St. and William St. I believe this spot used to be occupied by Koyzina Bar and Grill but they shuttered down and it’s replaced by this bright blue “Pita Press” sign. Attached is a photo of the sliced chicken with lettuce, lemon potatoes and real yogurt white sauce. I’ve tried their pork and lamb before and everything tastes great. I want to say this is one of the best Mediterranean style dishes here in FiDi with Zeytuna coming in 2nd.

Jonathan sent along a photo of his lunch, so click through to see it and find out what else is on the menu.

The platters are $8.75 unless you get lamb/beef, sliced pork or rotisserie chicken and then they’re $9.75. Either way it looks like a lot of food. There’s a bunch of other stuff on the menu like pita sandwiches ($6.50 to $7.75) including a vegetarian and vegan option, a bunch of sides, sweets including baklava and kataifi, and Greek yogurt smoothies for $6.25. A counter worker said they’ve been busy so far, and you can expect a full report next week.

Pita Press, 25 Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl), (212) 344-9737



  • Wow! This is the discovery of 2011 for me so far. Big bucket of roast pork, warm pita, tangy lemon taters, and salad. My only nits are in style choices: little too much red onion in the olive “salsa” on the salad and a little too much oregano on the taters.

    The place is clean and impressively decked out with kitchen kit. The girl at the counter was very cute and very friendly, too, which does not hurt.

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    This place was great. I got the platter with the zucchini feta fritters and lemon potatoes. My co-worker got chicken, the lemon potatoes, and an extra side of large beans. It was all super tasty, and everyone in the office kept asking what we were eating. The platter was a lot of food, and totally worth the $9.

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