Downtown Links (The “Chinese Food And Endearing Hobos” Edition)

All of this can be yours for less than a 10 spot, courtesy of Serious Eats NY

  • The thali plate at Hampton Chutney Co. gives you a crapload of food for just under $10, making it a true Midtown (or in this case Downtown) Lunch. [Serious Eats NY]
  • Speculation continues on what’s going into the Goldman Sachs building in Battery Park City. This week’s word is both Shake Shack AND Blue Smoke. [Eater NY]
  • Wo Hop has been serving up Americanized Chinese food in Chinatown for more than 70 years, and Sam Sifton compares the taste of its wok-kissed food to “that of an endearing hobo, full of pipe tobacco and sweet wine.” [NY Times]
  • The Bon Chon on John St. is “pretty satisfying,” although the food, much like ghosts, defies conventional photography. [Lunch with Front Studio]
  • La Cense Burger Truck is a marketing ploy to sell you delicious meat, but they turn out a decent burger that’s not too dry. [Money Grub]


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  • Just got lunch from the 100% vegetarian cart right next to the Biriyani cart. Looks pretty good. Got four choices with sauce(s) for $5! Should be super healthy at least!

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