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Whole Foods to Open Lunch-Centric Bryant Park Location

Good news for those of you within walking distance of Bryant Park. The Wall Street Journal reports that Whole Foods is opening a new location at 1095 Sixth Ave. (btw 41st+42nd). Whole Foods typically offers impressive generic deli standards like sandwiches, salads, hot buffet, you name it, and this new location will emphasize prepared foods for the lunch crowd. I’m pretty psyched for this… are you?

Kelvin Slush’s Boozy Concoctions Now At Columbus Circle Whole Foods

This isn’t a typical Midtown Happy Hour, but it’s still great news for anybody who is a big fan of Kelvin Slush’s booze filled slushies…

Kelvin in Columbus Circle WF

It’s easy to forget about The Tap Room in the Whole Foods Columbus Circle. It opened in late 2011 as a bar to have a drink and maybe a bite to eat while in a Whole Foods–a sort-of weird concept, but, given the lack of decent bar options in the area or in the Time Warner Center, not the worst idea. I imagine many shopping companions find themselves stopping by here. Well now they will have a new drink option: Kelvin Natural Slush boozy slushies are on tap.

They’re even served up in special Kelvin branded glasses. They are currently offering an apricot shandy and a white sangria straight from a slush machine, both fruity and delicious. This one was the $5 12 oz version, boozy enough to get you a little buzzed and refreshingly cool after my short walk in the summer heat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear they are doing styrofoam cup to-go versions, so you are stuck getting brain freeze while watching ESPN.

Whole Foods Columbus Circle, 10 Columbus Cir (btw W Central Park & B’way). 212-823-9600

Whole Foods Brings Its Great Generic Deli Standards To The East Side

As we told you a couple weeks ago, the east side Whole Foods is open, bringing our favorite generic deli to the upper east corner of the ML boundaries. Since I don’t work anywhere near there, it took me a little time to make the trek to check out what they’re offering, although my suspicion was that it would be like the one on the west side. I was right, which is great news for you Midtown east readers. For the rest of us, it’s a bit of a hike, but can be a rewarding one.

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57th Street Whole Foods Opens Tomorrow

East side lunchers rejoice! Whole Foods, which just might be the best generic deli in Midtown, is opening its East 57th street location tomorrow (btw. 2nd+3rd). If you’re a super-early riser, you’ll be interested to know they’re hosting a bread breaking ceremony at 8:30 a.m., serving breakfast refreshments while supplies last. Doors officially opening at 9 a.m. Although the grocery store is by no means a bargain, and you have to be extremely disciplined with their pay-by-the-pound prepared food options (we know how quickly that can add up!), you’re not going to find a better quality by-the-pound lunch anywhere.

Midtown East Whole Foods To Open August 23rd: Back in October, we told you a new Whole Foods was coming to Midtown East, on 57th street btw 2nd+3rd avenues. Whole Foods posted to Facebook that the store now has an open date: August 23rd! Once heralded as the best generic Midtown deli by our fearless leader, we can't wait for this new location to open its doors.

On Tap Now Open And Serving Food At Whole Foods

Last month, On Tap at Whole Foods Market opened at their Columbus Circle location. Beer at a supermarket? Sounds kind of weird, but considering Whole Foods is the best generic Midtown deli, the food at On Tap may be worth a look-see.

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Whole Foods Opening in Midtown East Next Summer

Midtown East-ers, rejoice! In case you didn’t hear about it here, here or here, Whole Foods is opening a new location on E. 57th St between 3rd and 2nd. The project, which has been in the works for over 3 years, broke ground back in May and now sports a┬ásign saying that the store will open Summer 2012 (even though their website says 2013), so let’s hope they stay on track with that. This time next year we could be munching on some delicious prepared foods and shopping for our organics during lunch. Huzzah!