On Tap Now Open And Serving Food At Whole Foods

Last month, On Tap at Whole Foods Market opened at their Columbus Circle location. Beer at a supermarket? Sounds kind of weird, but considering Whole Foods is the best generic Midtown deli, the food at On Tap may be worth a look-see.

Although the food menu focuses on bar snacks, like nuts and pretzels, as well as local meats, cheeses and pickles, they appear to also serve heartier fare. Hot dogs ($5.00, or $6.00 with toppings), chili ($6.00 vegetarian or $7.00 with meat) and pulled pork sandwich ($10.00) are all in the ML budget; however, the brisket sandwich will push you over at $12.00 (as will ordering alcohol). Good news for the thrifty — there’s a sign informing customers that the establishment doesn’t accept tips, which is a refreshing change of pace for New York City, and they’re open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays (with similar hours on weekends).

On Tap at Whole Foods Market, Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle. 212-823-9600


  • Yes, but what’s the selection of beer?? Whole Foods has really good variety of beers that they sell at all their locations so hopefully that’ll carry over to this.

  • My idea of fun. Having a meal and a few beers inside a Manhattan supermarket.

  • I dropped in here a couple weeks ago. I had the pulled pork sandwich which came with potato chips. The pulled pork ranged from dry to dripping with whatever vinegary sauce they put in it. Not great, but edible. I’m not sure if most people will like their homemade chips. I was fascinated by them.

    I love going to Whole Foods for lunch because of the variety. Sometimes I get food from the steam table. Sometimes I get fried chicken, roast lamb, mac & cheese, or whatever is on the hot plates in the back. I’ll probably stick to that unless I want to get drunk inside a Whole Foods.

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