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Buy 1 Slice Get 1 Free at Valducci’s on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Normally found on 52nd and Park, Valducci’s Pizza Truck has been making its way around midtown more lately. Today, on the northwest corner of 50th Street and 6th Avenue, Valducci’s has a sign out advertising “Buy one slice, get one slice free.” According to the sign, the deal is good on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (note the plurality). It’s not clear how long this offer will last, but “buy 1 get 1 free” two days a week seems pretty generous to me. Check their Twitter for their location.

Papa Perrone Lives On Thru Other Pizza Trucks

Papa Perrone’s has not made a visit to Midtown in at least a year now. He’s found a bit more success downtown and in Williamsburg over the last few months, but word on the street is that owner JohnPaul has sold his truck and the Papa Perrone truck as we know it is sadly no more. Thankfully, his rice balls live on. You can find them at Jianetto’s Pizza truck daily and at certain days on the Valducci’s Pizza truck. Based on his Twitter feed, JohnPaul is hoping to eventually distribute the rice balls across the country. But the truck itself will surely be missed around these parts…

Valducci’s Makes A Decent Square Slice

We reported that Valducci’s has started parking in Midtown a while ago and they seem to now consistently be on 52nd and Park (except for Wednesdays). I realized we haven’t officially given the pizza a review, and I was particularly interested to see how it stacks up against old school pizza truck Jianetto’s, so I went to check it out.

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Valducci’s Pizza Truck Pops Up in Midtown

Photo courtesy of Lunch’er Peter

Thanks to Lunch’er Peter for sending over this tip… If you like grandma style pizza, but you’re sick of Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck, you’ll be interested to know that Valducci’s Pizza Truck is parked on 52nd and Lex today. According to our Downtown section, the truck is an offshoot of a Staten Island pizza place and is back after a fairly long hiatus. Andrea was lucky enough to score a free sample (they’ve been known to hand them out) and didn’t seem to hate it. Not sure how long they’ll last in this spot, but who knows. You can track them via Twitter, and we’ve added them to the ML Twitter Tracker.