Valducci’s Throws Its Hat Into The Mobile Pizza Ring

As I was headed to lunch yesterday I spotted a truck I hadn’t seen before parked behind the Desi Food Truck on Hanover Sq. It turned out to be Valducci’s Pizza and after a look at their Twitter feed it seems they’re an offshoot of a Staten Island pizza place and the truck is simply back on the streets after a long hiatus. But hey, it’s new to me! I was going to buy a slice, but just as I was about to do that a guy emerged from the truck with a pizza pan full of samples. Straight ahead for what a mini-slice looks like.

It was pretty straightforward: thin layer of cheese on the bottom covered by crushed tomato and fresh basil. What stood out to me was the crust which was crispy on the bottom where it had met the pan, and softer everywhere else. Slices are $3 or you can get whole pies for $24. According to the slice man, they’ll be downtown a couple of days a week at Hanover Sq. or the vicinity.

Valducci’s Pizza Truck, on Twitter, (212) 470-8476


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