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Totto Ramen is Now Open For Lunch: Great news for ramen fans! Lunch'er Arvind tipped us off this morning to the fact that Totto Ramen, the offshoot of Yakitori Totto that is on 52nd btw. 8+9th, is now open for lunch.  Most of their bowls of soup are over $10, but it looks like it might be worth the splurge! Just a warning though... the place is tiny.

Yakitori Torys to Become Totto Ramen?: Eater is reporting that Yakitori Torys, Midtown East's answer to Yakitori Totto, closed over the weekend- and will be converted into a ramen joint in the next two weeks. I guess Totto Ramen is doing pretty well then? Of course all this news is moot to us until Ramen Totto does the right thing and opens for lunch!!!

Ramen Totto Not Opening For Lunch!?!

This just in: Totto Ramen, the new ramen spot on 52nd btw 8+9th from the owners of Yakitori Totto, will open for business at 5pm today… but have no immediate plans to open for lunch! Yakitori is meant to be an after work kind of thing, so it was understandable that it look the flagship restaurant so long to give in to the demands of lunchers… but ramen?  They should be open for lunch! (Hell, people start lining up at Ippudo in the East Village at 11am.) We spoke to somebody on the phone at the restaurant who said they may open for lunch somewhere down the line- once they have “more customers”. What a bummer.

Totto Ramen is Opening June 3rd (But Not Where You Think)

It looks Totto Ramen, the new soup offshoot of the hugely popular Yakitori Totto (on 55th btw. B’way+8th), will not be taking over the Bombay Eats space after all. From Lunch’er Steve:

Just walked down 52nd on my way to the Amish Market and saw this sign up on a window. I remember you guys talking about a new Ramen shop that was going to take over the Bombay Eats spot but it looks like maybe it is taking this spot? Its located on 52nd btwn 8th and 9th, right next to Lucky Burger. Inside they had a long wooden bar (similar to Momo Ko) set up but the rest looked like it was still being worked on. Sign outside is up so it can’t be THAT long until we finally have a decent midtown west ramen spot… hopefully.

According to their new website, June 3rd is the grand opening date. Should be good… thanks for the great news Steve.

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