Ramen Totto Not Opening For Lunch!?!

This just in: Totto Ramen, the new ramen spot on 52nd btw 8+9th from the owners of Yakitori Totto, will open for business at 5pm today… but have no immediate plans to open for lunch! Yakitori is meant to be an after work kind of thing, so it was understandable that it look the flagship restaurant so long to give in to the demands of lunchers… but ramen?  They should be open for lunch! (Hell, people start lining up at Ippudo in the East Village at 11am.) We spoke to somebody on the phone at the restaurant who said they may open for lunch somewhere down the line- once they have “more customers”. What a bummer.


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    Went to try Totto Ramen for lunch two days ago. Looked set up but still closed. Then went to Yakitori Totto and they were closed too. Maybe management has all hands on deck putting together Totto Ramen. If you’re heading to Yakitori for lunch during the Totto Ramen launch week, it’s probably best to give a call to confirm they’re open.

    • I just called Yakitori Totto and they said they’ve been open all week… did you go after 2pm? They are closed from 2pm until they reopen for dinner at 5:30pm…

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    Zach! I’m an idiot! It was about 2:05 when I arrived.
    Mystery solved, I guess. But it wasn’t a total loss.
    I ended up having two complete lunches: a couple slices at Two Boots and then a spinach pie and a strudel from Poseidon. (was just a bit hungry that day)

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    Totto Ramen is actually located on 52nd st between 8th and 9th avenues. It’s a bummer they aren’t open for lunch though — most people have a time limit when they eat out for lunch and wont spend too much time hogging the few seats available like they do during dinner hours.

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