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Halloween Treats in Midtown: You already have heard about the Treats Truck's Halloween themed goodies, but there is also some crazy stuff to be had at Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center (in Columbus Circle) and at a few of the places in the Grand Central Terminal Market (enter on Lexington & 43rd). None of them are as scary as the falafel sandwich I had at Crisp, but they'll do.

Rotisserie Chicken Alert: But Wait There’s More!

Oops! Sorry Whole Foods… I posted a few weeks ago about the rotisserie chicken at the newly opened Brassierie Cognac Boulangerie (B’way btw. 55+56th), totally forgetting that you have a much cheaper option at your location on 8th Ave. & 58th St. in the basement of the Time Warner Center. A whole chicken in the prepared foods section is just $7.99 (compared to $13.95 at Cognac) and half is just $4.99 (compared to $7.99), plus there’s money left over to fill up on sides at their by the lb. buffet.  Damn that’s a good deal (and makes eating an entire chicken, well within your Midtown Lunch price boundaries!)

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