Rotisserie Chicken Alert: But Wait There’s More!

Oops! Sorry Whole Foods… I posted a few weeks ago about the rotisserie chicken at the newly opened Brassierie Cognac Boulangerie (B’way btw. 55+56th), totally forgetting that you have a much cheaper option at your location on 8th Ave. & 58th St. in the basement of the Time Warner Center. A whole chicken in the prepared foods section is just $7.99 (compared to $13.95 at Cognac) and half is just $4.99 (compared to $7.99), plus there’s money left over to fill up on sides at their by the lb. buffet.  Damn that’s a good deal (and makes eating an entire chicken, well within your Midtown Lunch price boundaries!)

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  • Hehe… isn’t the whole rotisserie chicken at Dallas BBQ 5.99? ;p

  • Have to Ask with chicken at 3 to 5 quid a pop what’s the quality?

    Ain’t gonna be be free range organic is it.

    More like found dead in it’s battery box.

    Forgive me…damn you Jamie Oliver…damn you to hell.

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