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Has Anybody Seen the Mexican Embassy Tamale Lady?

The ML Team noticed the The Tamale Lady has been missing quite a bit from outside of the Mexican Embassy (39th btw. Madison & Park) since we (re)visited her in August. A reader was also wondering where she went, and emailed to inquire if she is still selling tamales in this location. Speculation arose that the new (and licensed) Antojitos Mexicanos cart might have something to do with her disappearance. We asked the folks at Antojitos Mexicanos if they had seen her, and they said she had come earlier in the day for only a few hours. Have you seen her around these past few weeks in front of the Mexican Embassy? If so… what time and day?  We’re all for new Mexican carts… but not if it chases away our beloved tamales.

The Tamale Lady is Still in Front of Mexican Embassy

Not long ago, I began my quest to try all the tamales midtown has to offer by starting off at Sophie’s and trying a Cuban style tamale for the first time. Zach went on a similar tamale trek in 2008, and I’m excited to revisit midtown tamales four years later to see what’s still delicious and what’s new. I was fortunate enough to get some excellent recommendations from Midtown Lunch readers in the comments of my last post, and one comment inspired me to visit the “Tamale Lady” outside of the Mexican Embassy (39th Street btw Madison + Park). She received a proper review back in 2007, and the experience sounded like fun. Is she still there? I had to find out for myself.

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