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Who Needs More Burgers? Taste of India Works Just Fine


Last month we brought you word that Taste of India had opened next to Carribean Kitchen in 1 Penn Plaza, replacing Bruce’s Burger. While some may lament the loss of a hamburger place, we all know there’s more than enough new burger places popping up in New York these days (ahem, Shake Shack). Some of you in the comments section mentioned that Taste of India is serviceable and it was worthy of investigation because there’s a shortage of Indian options around the Penn Station area. So investigate, I did.

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Bruce’s Burger is Now Taste of India


Thanks to Lunch’er Evan for letting us know about this one… Bruce’s Burgers, the mediocre burger spot that shared space in 1 Penn Plaza with the Caribbean Kitchen, has closed.  It was recently replaced by Taste of India, which used to share space with a random deli on 33rd and 1 Penn that became a Lenny’s awhile back. Around Penn Station it’s pretty difficult to find good Indian food, let alone any Indian food so it’s good news that they’re back.  They have lunch specials around $7 or $8 depending on whether you get vegetarian or meat options. Any fans?  Let us know how it is in the comments…