Bruce’s Burger is Now Taste of India


Thanks to Lunch’er Evan for letting us know about this one… Bruce’s Burgers, the mediocre burger spot that shared space in 1 Penn Plaza with the Caribbean Kitchen, has closed.  It was recently replaced by Taste of India, which used to share space with a random deli on 33rd and 1 Penn that became a Lenny’s awhile back. Around Penn Station it’s pretty difficult to find good Indian food, let alone any Indian food so it’s good news that they’re back.  They have lunch specials around $7 or $8 depending on whether you get vegetarian or meat options. Any fans?  Let us know how it is in the comments…


  • holy crap! He shut down the burger side? Bruce owned the burger place and the Caribbean place. He actuallyt moved the Caribbean place up from the concourse level. I can’t believe the burger place is gone. The chicken sandwiches were pretty good for the price, as were the burgers. I bet he sold the restaurants.

    • The Bruce of Bruce’s burger sold both business about 12 months ago (give or take a couple of months). He still owns and operates Track’s Raw Bar & Grill in Penn Station.

  • @vdubjb,
    Yea, all traces of the burger stuff is gone. I’m kind of surprised too because while the burger place was never as popular as the Caribbean place, there were always diners there during lunch. Taste of India must be betting they could attract lots of business!

  • I’ve had this before. Serviceable but not great; the paneer is a little rubbery and the food is not very spicy. Tawa Tandoor on Ninth gives you better food for roughly the same price.

  • decor looks like zen burger fucked the Taj Mahal.

  • I’ve had their food when they were in the old spot. It’s serviceable for the area (and for those of us who don’t want the walk to 9th or over to Curry Hill). I think the chicken + veggie + rice combo is $7.95.

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    I’ve been surprised by Swagat on 29th and 7th. You’ll want it to go, cos the ambience is very LIRR waiting room, but the okra (not in the buffet but they’ll make it for you) consistently delights me.

  • There are no possible words to describe how bad the food is at Taste of India. Yes, it is beyond description. The closest Indian food to Penn are Tiffinwallah on 28th between Park and Lex, Chennai Garden, 27th between Park and Lex, and Minar on 31st and 5th. Tawa Tandoor on the corner of 34th and eighth if yer in a pinch.

  • There´s another indian place on 29th St. just in from 7th ave called “Swagat Indian” The food is a little better than Taste of India but they’re a little stingy with the meat.

    The worst sin of Taste of India was that it is consistently bland. However, it’s not the sodium bomb that many of the places around Penn Station seem to be.

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