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Tacos y Quesadillas Moves In Bounds and Flourishes

I fell in love with the out of bounds Tacos y Quesadillas cart when I first visited it last year, but it was something of a long distance relationship – lots of longing, not as much physical contact. So, when I read in the forums that they had officially moved into ML bounds and were parking on 53rd btw B’way+7th, I jumped at the opportunity to actually be able to walk to one of my favorite Mexican places in Midtown. The cart is now in a more central, accessible location, which is great news for (most) Midtown Lunch’ers. Unfortunately, that convenience does come at a cost.
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The Tacos y Quesadillas Cart is an Out of Bounds Mexican Treat

Before the lunch-pocalypse last Friday, there was a discussion in the forums about an out-of-bounds Mexican cart on 9th ave. btw 58+59th. I’d never heard of this cart before and I’m extremely grateful that I noticed this discussion before it was swallowed by the internet for all eternity. I’m happy to report that the Tacos y Quesadillas Mexico cart is very much in the mold of the excellent El Rey del Sabor carts and is bringing some very good Mexican food (and a wide variety of items) to the far reaches of northwest Midtown.

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