Tacos y Quesadillas Moves In Bounds and Flourishes

I fell in love with the out of bounds Tacos y Quesadillas cart when I first visited it last year, but it was something of a long distance relationship – lots of longing, not as much physical contact. So, when I read in the forums that they had officially moved into ML bounds and were parking on 53rd btw B’way+7th, I jumped at the opportunity to actually be able to walk to one of my favorite Mexican places in Midtown. The cart is now in a more central, accessible location, which is great news for (most) Midtown Lunch’ers. Unfortunately, that convenience does come at a cost.

From what I could see, just about everything was the same (including one of their little side counters still being up). But there are two things people should be aware of. For one thing, the prices on most items have jumped 50 cents or $1 (quesadillas are now $5.50, tortas are $6). I still think everything is definitely worth the money, but no one wants to see prices go up. Thankfully, their tacos are still $2.50, so the prices didn’t change on everything. Second, around 1, the cart was busier than I had ever seen it at their old 9th ave. location. I only had to wait a few seconds to order, but then it took just under 20 minutes to get my food. The guys were serving a lot of people, and I’m happy to see the cart doing well, but you definitely might want to budget a few extra minutes for lunch if you’re hitting them up during peak hours.

Part of the reason it’s so easy to accept these changes is because the food is still awesome.

I got a quesadilla with spicy pork. The pork wasn’t really spicy at all, but otherwise, it was great.

I also got two tacos, the lengua (beef tongue) and the chorizo. It was my first time having their lengua, and I really liked it. Some pieces were a little tough, but it’s definitely an option I plan to try again. And I just can’t get enough of their chorizo.

I’m psyched that Tacos y Quesadillas is now that much closer to me. The prices are a little higher, and the waits might be a little longer, but that’s a trade I’m more than happy to make.

The Tacos y Quesadillas Cart is an Out of Bounds Mexican Treat


  • Gotta take a walk up there. People have to realize that spicy isn’t meant to mean hot. That’s why there are peppers/pepper sauces on the side.

  • They weren’t at 53rd & B’way on Friday. Any clue as to new locations?

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    I tweeted you guys about this on their first day in their new spot. They didn’t have Nachos because it was their first day, so I had one Chicken and one Carnitas taco. Both pretty excellent at $2.50 each.

    I’ve gone back a few times to try their other tacos. The lines have been getting longer and thanks to this post, I probably won’t be visiting for a few weeks. Thanks MidtownLunch :(

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    Holy crap! That’s me on the left in the purple shirt.

  • Since it’s only a block from my office, I walked over before your replies and saw that it was back. I got the al pastor ‘dilla and my co-worker got two tacos.
    Both were definitely very good but the al pastor was not authentic. so I was a little bummed.
    the line was crazy but it’s a loooong wait after you order.

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    I got a cheese quesadilla today and it was really fantastic. possibly one of the best quesadillas i’ve had outside of my own kitchen.

    Since I’m working in the area for the next few months, I’ll be there frequently.

    They’re open early, so I need to investigate the breakfast options more closely.

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      Turns out they do serve breakfast!

      I often see people standing around the cart happily eating various meat tortas in the morning, so I stopped by this morning to ask if they had some eggs. The gentleman made me 2 perfect egg tacos with beans, rice, crema, queso & fantastic salsa. mmmmmm

      I’ve been wishing for a good breakfast taco place/counter in NYC for several decades, and now it looks like I found one.

  • I went to this place a couple weeks ago. I got the chorizo, spicy pork, and beef tacos. The food is great. The only thing that would make the tacos better is homemade tortillas.

    There were a few people on line in front of me, and they were slow getting the food out. I don’t know if it’s always this way. I highly recommend checking this place out.

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