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Taam Tov is Back Open After Brief DOH Closure: Yesterday DNAinfo reported just before lunchtime that Kosher Uzbeki restaurant and Midtown Lunch classic Taam Tov (on 47th btw. 5th + 6th) was shuttered by the DOH. At 55 points, this inspection was less serious than others they've weathered and fans will be glad to know that by the time we stopped by yesterday afternoon they had already reopened. Routine!

Kick Off Soup Season at Taam Tov

Fall is here, everyone. Bring on the sweaters! Bring on the football! Bring on the pumpkins… and pumpkin spiced beverages of all kinds! Bring on a three-month excuse to get fatter with Halloween candy, multiple Thanksgiving dinners, and holiday parties with latkes, cookies, and endless booze. AND, bring on the SOUP! Yep, it’s time for ramen, chili, stew and all variations of soup to tap you on the shoulder and say, “Did you miss me?”

Why yes, soup. Yes I did. And while I’m sure ramen will be on the top of many lunchers’ lists to revisit, I wanted to send a quick shout out to the easily missed Taam Tov for their soup selection. If you’re not a Midtown Lunch veteran, you might not yet know that Zach hit up this Kosher Uzbeki restaurant (47th btw. 5th + 6th) in one of his earliest reviews back in 2006, and nearly six years later, it’s still attracting customers in it’s somewhat hidden third floor locale.

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Polish Playboy Loves Taam Tov

It’s been forever and a day since Taam Tov (the semi-hidden 3rd floor Uzbeki restaraunt on 47th btw. 5+6th) has been mentioned on Midtown Lunch, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of the spotlight.  The Polish version of Playboy featured them recently.  Now I know what you are thinking… “Zach, I could have sworn your subscription to Polish Playboy ran out over the summer.  How on earth did you find this article?”  Well, that’s an easy one.  They used one of the photos from my post about Taam Tov in the article. I have no idea what the feature was about, or what they said about the place, because I can’t read Polish… but it’s exciting anyway.  Look Ma!  All your hopes and dreams for me finally have come true.  Your little boy has a photo credit in Polish Playboy.

If you can read Polish, after the jump there is a close up of the sadly-safe-for-work article (which I’ve heard are really good in Polish Playboy.)

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