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First Look: Submarina is Just a Sliced to Order Version of Subway

Submarina Store Front

Hello, my name is Chris, and I have a problem. I am (forgive me Zach) hopelessly addicted to Subway® sandwiches. Admission of guilt is the first step, and identifying a moral substitute for our shortcomings is the… 6th step? (I could never pay attention in those meetings). This is how I found myself as one of the first customers at the newly opened Submarina. Yes, like Subway, Submarina is a chain – perhaps less evil than the aforementioned sandwich shop, with only 78 national locations (vs. 33,346), an unassuming mission statement, and a suitably proletariat past. But my quest was to kick my $5 foot long habit, and I was lucky enough to pass by Submarina yesterday, which happened to be in the middle of their grand opening.
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California Sandwich Shop “Submarina” Coming Soon

Thanks to Lunch’er “Marissa” for letting us know about this one… Submarina, a 30+ year old San Diego based sandwich chain with a branch in Astoria, will be opening its first Manhattan location next to Pro Hot Korean (on 56th btw. 5+6th). Here’s hoping it will be better than Subway! Although their website doesn’t really give us much hope… we’ll try to reserve judgement until after they open, but it’s hard when their owners take pride in the fact that when they first opened they had “no experience, no capital and by every rule of business we should have failed. We didn’t know an avocado from prosciutto, but we were willing to learn.” Really guys? I play the “I’m just a fat guy who likes to eat” card more than anybody… but seriously? You didn’t know the difference between an avocado and proscuitto? That’s kind of silly.

According to the sign you can get a free 6″ sub by signing up for their “Best Sub Club”.  Anybody tried the location in Astoria?  Let us know how it is in the comments…