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Against Our Better Judgement, I Try Pizza By Cer Te’s “Salad Pizza”

New! Salad Pizzas from Pizza by Cer Te

Last Thursday, we mentioned Pizza by Cer Te just added “salad pizza” to their menu. Out of curiosity, I wandered over the next day to check out these freaks of nature healthy pizza alternatives. After all, Blondie had given their regular slices two thumbs way way up, so maybe – just maybe – their salad pizzas wouldn’t be as silly as they sound. Still, try as I might, I never understood why someone would consider a pizza place for low-fat options. For veggie-topped pizza, yes (maybe…) I can understand, but Pizza By Cer Te‘s new salad pizzas are pretty confusing. It’s salad…on a pizza. Can you really call it pizza when there’s no tomato sauce and no cheese at all? I try these abominations after the jump… Read more »

Ask Midtown Lunch: I’m Looking for a Salad Bar

Bet you don’t have this where you’re from! It’s amazing, right?

With New Year’s Eve almost here, we’re just days away from reclaiming the area around Rock Center during lunchtime. (Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s been prettty nightmarish since…oh… Thanksgiving.) With that in mind, I thought I’d share this great email with you:

“Good Evening from the UK… Having been to New York for Thanksgiving I am looking for your help in locating a salad bar on 5th Avenue. This Deli/Salad bar was between American Girl and the Empire State Building (I think that is 609 – 5th Ave and 330?)………… was on the side of the road that the Rockerfeller centre is situated, and sold the most amazing salads …… Basically you lined up with a medium or large salad container (which you selected at the entrance to the deli) with lettuce enclosed, when it was your turn to be served you very very quickly selected tomatoes, cucumber, olives, chicken etc etc, this was tossed by the shop guys in a large bowl with your lettuce, additional salad selections and your choice of salad dressing and repackaged…….. There was space to sit and eat and on the opposite side to the salad bar you could buy sandwiches and soup. I really need to know the name of this eatery and it is driving me mad – can you possibly help. Thank you. – Helen

Lady, that describes half of the lunch places in Midtown… and it just so happen it’s the half that we do our best to ignore on this site. I’m proud to say, I have no idea what place you’re talking about. Good luck! And here’s hoping they open up a branch of Chop’t in the UK. Clearly it will be a big hit…

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