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Luncher Kaitlin Reports: New Roast Kitchen Coming to Madison

Earlier this week we put a call out for new lunchers. Here’s an early report from one of our potential new contributors, Kaitlin…

There’s another Roast Kitchen outpost opening between 48th and 49th street on Madison Avenue. The initial review of the original location on 7th and 49th seemed to think that the meat was the worst part of the meal but here’s hoping things have gotten better since then. Either way, I’m excited to have more meat and veggie options for lunch!

Roast Kitchen

  • 740 Seventh Ave (at 49th St.), 212-399-9100
  • Coming soon to Madison Ave btw. 48+49th

Strangely, The Meat is the Worst Part About Roast Kitchen

Roast Kitchen opened last week and the name implies that it would be a great spot for a juicy succulent piece of meat. In reality, it’s pretty much a salad joint that offers meat toppings for $2.76. If you build your own bowl of greens or grains, that comes out to at least $12. That’s a little expensive for a bowl of salad, don’t you think? The good news is they do offer composed salad bowls for $9-$10. The bad news is the meat was the worst part of my two orders.

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Is Roast Kitchen A Place for Meat or Salad??


We received a tip from Luncher Stephen last week about a brand new spot on 49th and 7th. Roast Kitchen sounded like it could be a promising place for take-out rotisserie chicken, but it seems much closer to a fast food salad joint. The meat seems to play second fiddle to ingredients like kale, quinoa, and brown rice. But composed salad selections often include something like marinated steak, spicy chicken, or pork butt. When pork butt enters the picture, we start listening. Prices seem to hover right around $9. I can’t find a full menu online, but click below for a photo of their salad bowl selections.

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