Is Roast Kitchen A Place for Meat or Salad??


We received a tip from Luncher Stephen last week about a brand new spot on 49th and 7th. Roast Kitchen sounded like it could be a promising place for take-out rotisserie chicken, but it seems much closer to a fast food salad joint. The meat seems to play second fiddle to ingredients like kale, quinoa, and brown rice. But composed salad selections often include something like marinated steak, spicy chicken, or pork butt. When pork butt enters the picture, we start listening. Prices seem to hover right around $9. I can’t find a full menu online, but click below for a photo of their salad bowl selections.


Anybody had a chance to try the food yet? Early adopters let us know what you think in the comments.

Roast Kitchen, 740 7th Ave (btw. 48+49th). 212-399-9100


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    Husband had it last week – he said it was alright but too overpriced and he ended up paying something absurd like $13 for a salad bowl with chicken. Their ingredients sound good (…or trendy? oil-free tamari-miso vinaigrette and kabocha squash anyone?) but unless you’re getting one of the pre-set salads, protein is ~$3 extra…I have yet to try it

  • I went there last week. Steak was good but everything else was bland and over priced! $13.00 is a lot for just steamed veggies.

  • I got excited when I saw “Roast Kitchen”. Excited about gorging on a trough of meat. Then I saw the words pomegranate seeds, kale and, christ help us all, quinoa.

    What we need in midtown is a place like this one in London. $10 for a bag of meat. Meat you can’t beat.

  • The food is overpriced and bland. Bowls start at $8.50 without a protein. Dont bother.

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    My experience was totally the opposite at Roast Kitchen. I got a roast bowl with 4 mix-ins and topped with spicy chicken. I think they are on to something here because the offerings are fresh, healthy and well displayed in such a small space. For God sake a bologna and cheese sandwich on a kaiser roll at Manhasset Deli Long Island is $7.10. I am happy and will visit again.

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    There should be a 7 day waiting period between new name registration and the ability to post comments. That would keep the shills out.

  • I’d rather they fixed the forums and twitter tracker first, shills are funny

  • How was the gaucho, amigo?

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    I agree the hot bowls are under seasoned, but seem like a very healthy, fresh lunch for the money. I have been getting the gaucho salad with either the spicy chicken or cajun shrimp. I am not a fan of onions in the middle of the day so I get extra pomegrante seeds. It is moderatley filling and very satisfying. The drink selection is good but little pricey. I try to eat there a few times a week as there aren’t many options for a healthy lunch in the immediate area.

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