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Real Good Truck Hoping to Bring Wafflewiches to Midtown Today

Real Good Truck

Last month we brought you word that there’s a new waffle (instead of wafel) truck in town called Real Good Truck. Like Wafel and Dinges they’re serving waffles with your typical sweet toppings (think nutella and fresh fruits) but they also have a number of savory items as well like cheddar jalapeno bratwursts and Japanese fried chicken. The best part is, instead of putting the toppings on top of their waffles, the Real Good Truck turns their waffles into sandwiches. Yep, a whole waffle folded in half with stuff inside (sounds like something people come up with when they’re totally drunk).  I finally got to try one of these creations, and according to the owners they’re going to try and park in Midtown today and tomorrow.

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Real Good Truck Brings Waffle Sandwiches (!?!) to the Streets of NYC

The Real Good Truck

It seems like everybody’s favorite wafel truck finally has a little competition. Yesterday I spotted the Real Good Truck parked in Downtown Brooklyn serving wafflewiches (waffles as sandwiches). That’s right wafflewiches! Take a waffle, fold in half and fill it with stuff like a jalapeno cheddarwurst or a beef burger or chicken karaage- the one I’m most excited to try. Want fries with that? Well they got, of course, waffle fries. Check out their site for the rest of the menu. They’ve been spending all their time in Brooklyn but the owner of the truck said they have plans to come to Midtown some time next week.

As always, check their twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker for the latest updates.