Real Good Truck Hoping to Bring Wafflewiches to Midtown Today

Real Good Truck

Last month we brought you word that there’s a new waffle (instead of wafel) truck in town called Real Good Truck. Like Wafel and Dinges they’re serving waffles with your typical sweet toppings (think nutella and fresh fruits) but they also have a number of savory items as well like cheddar jalapeno bratwursts and Japanese fried chicken. The best part is, instead of putting the toppings on top of their waffles, the Real Good Truck turns their waffles into sandwiches. Yep, a whole waffle folded in half with stuff inside (sounds like something people come up with when they’re totally drunk).  I finally got to try one of these creations, and according to the owners they’re going to try and park in Midtown today and tomorrow.

With my mind set on getting their karaage chicken (Japanese fried chicken) wafflewich, I was a little disappointed when I found out that they’re still waiting to have their fryers installed which also meant that there was no waffle fries! But they did have yakiniku (grilled meat) beef wich ($7).

Real Good Truck

I had thought about eating the wafflewich right there to ensure the waffle was still at it’s freshest but I decided to risk it and took it back to the office. Luckily the waffle was still soft and had some nice crunchiness on the outside.

Real Good Truck

The grilled beef was really tender and super flavorful from the soy, sake and chili marinade but for $7 I wished there was little bit more beef then just few slices of beef and onion.

I do hope the Real Good Truck does well and stick around for a bit but unless they change something (either lower the price or add more stuff inside the waffles) I’m a little hesitant in going back. They’re still new so I guess I will see what happens later on but I do plan to try their Japanese fried chicken. We’ll save the proper (+/-) once they get their fryer installed and a good amount of days on the street under their belts.

For now the owners say they’re planning to park in Midtown (Park Ave + 47th St) on Wednesdays and Thursdays but be sure to check their twitter or the ML tracker for their up-to-date location.


  • kind of a bad time to debut after the holiday gluttonfest we all had.

  • Sorry, the truck I was looking for was the Mediocre Truck.

  • Tender meat and onions sandwiched between two WAFFLES?! Sounds right up my alley. Though I see what you mean about the lack of meat according to the price. Most certainly, they will learn, or they won’t do well. Still, they have a solid idea here. Who doesn’t love waffles after all? I hope they come back to midtown soon!

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    I had the cheddar and jalapeño sausage one a few days ago when they were downtown. It was tasty hot off the waffle press. Good ingredients. Folks who run it are very nice. I don’t know if I fully get the appeal of it, but it’s worth a try.

  • Do have moon waffles?

    1 package caramel
    waffle batter
    liquid smoke
    stick of butter

    1 – Pour first 3 ingredients on waffle iron.
    2 – Close iron.
    3 – Enjoy the”waffle runoff” that is squeezed out when you close the iron.
    4 – When waffle is done, peel it off the waffle iron.
    5 – Wrap waffle around full stick of butter.
    6 – Insert toothpick to close waffle around butter and enjoy.

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