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V-Stop Launches Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bar

Please welcome our newest ML contributor the fold… Rachel G.  She was the one who tipped us off to the KFC freebies last week, and this week she’s got some grilled cheese news from inside the Viacom building on 44th & Broadway.

This Doesn't Look like the OutpostThis week, the V-Stop (formerly The Outpost) in the Viacom building turned their “5 Subs” station into one offering grilled cheese. GRLLD CHZ, as they’re calling it — I guess no one wanted to buy vowels in this economy — offers four sandwich options, and the menu changes weekly. They range from your standard sandwich (choice of cheese, white or wheat, with or without tomatoes) to more elaborate options.

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I Think the Outpost May Be Gone

This Doesn't Look like the Outpost 
This Doesn't Look like the Outpost
The Outpost has been mentioned a number of times on this blog, most notably in Lunch’er Grace’s Ultimate List of Midtown Soups at the beginning of the year.  Described as “the soup deal of a lifetime… hidden in the MTV/Viacom Building” this place sounded like a proper Midtown Lunch kind of place. With the weather starting to get cold, I decided to check out the Outpost last week;  but when I entered the building on the NW corner of 44th and Broadway, and rode the escalator up, I found a place called the “V Stop”.  They had soups, and as promised by Grace a 12 oz cup cost $1.25, but the place itself looked like just another generic Midtown crap hole… and the soups looked like they were made by some central catering company- not a random old chef with a whimsical love of soup.  I was kind of thrown off by the whole thing and didn’t even bother trying the admittedly cheap $1.25 soup.

Is this what the original Outpost was like? Has anybody been recently?  Are the soups still good?  My gut tells me this place is now a pass…