V-Stop Launches Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bar

Please welcome our newest ML contributor the fold… Rachel G.  She was the one who tipped us off to the KFC freebies last week, and this week she’s got some grilled cheese news from inside the Viacom building on 44th & Broadway.

This Doesn't Look like the OutpostThis week, the V-Stop (formerly The Outpost) in the Viacom building turned their “5 Subs” station into one offering grilled cheese. GRLLD CHZ, as they’re calling it — I guess no one wanted to buy vowels in this economy — offers four sandwich options, and the menu changes weekly. They range from your standard sandwich (choice of cheese, white or wheat, with or without tomatoes) to more elaborate options.

I ordered The Milanese on whole wheat, which was just ok. The Milanese (pictured above) includes eggplant, pomodoro, fontina, and some pesto butter. It tasted like any similar panini you could get at a deli. While waiting online to pay, I was offered a sample of The Russian — this one was MUCH tastier. The Russian consists of smoked turkey, smoked gouda, pickled beets, Russian dressing and is served on black bread.

Sandwiches come with a choice of coleslaw or a handful of kettle chips, which actually presents a small problem. Because the sandwich is warm and is served in a standard plastic salad bar-type of container, the steam caused the chips to lose their crispness by the time I returned to my desk. Major. Bummer. But, at least you know in advance and have the opportunity to somehow avoid limp chips.

A standard sandwich will run you $5 plus tax, while the other 3 fancy options are $5.75 each plus tax.

V-Stop, 1515 Broadway (btw. 44+45th) Second Floor. 212-258-6290


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    $5 you say… I’m totally on that.

  • V-Stop sounds like Pfizer’s new birth control option.

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    As someone who has railed against the high prices of grilled cheeses served by some places in midtown, I can honestly say that keeping the price more or less around $6 is a bit more reasonable then say the $8+ i’ve seen at places.

  • @ deanlo, once upon a time, the subway was full of V stops. Went there today and got some blackened chicken deal. Was ok, but I am blacker than the chicken was. I used to go there all the time in winter for their cheap assed soups.

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