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Naked Pizza Is Fine For “Healthy” Pizza (We Guess)

We reported just last week that the workers of Naked Pizza have officially descended on Midtown East. Even two days after opening, guys in green shirts holding signs, passing out menus, and screaming about the wholesomeness of this pizza could be discovered as far as two blocks away from the store. Their hawking must have worked because the tiny little take-out spot was jam packed when I arrived around 1:00pm the other day.

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Naked Pizza Now Open on 3rd Ave.

In case you didn’t notice the guys with signs and flags walking up and down 3rd Ave. yesterday, Naked Pizza btw. 57+58th Street is indeed open. The green flags made me think cell phone company more than pizzeria, but Sprint PCS this is not. Naked Pizza is the latest branch of a healthy pizza chain based out of New Orleans.

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Naked Pizza Sheds Its Plywood; Opening Soon

Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza, the healthy, organic, sustainable, New Orleans based whole wheat pizza chain that we told you about back in April seems to finally be close to opening. I walked by their location on 3rd Ave between 57th & 58th St and noticed that they’re now hiring bicycle delivery personnel, and that the restaurant interior seems to be mostly in place. However, since their claim to fame is their social media savvy, I’m sure we’ll hear about their grand opening on twitter.