Naked Pizza Now Open on 3rd Ave.

In case you didn’t notice the guys with signs and flags walking up and down 3rd Ave. yesterday, Naked Pizza btw. 57+58th Street is indeed open. The green flags made me think cell phone company more than pizzeria, but Sprint PCS this is not. Naked Pizza is the latest branch of a healthy pizza chain based out of New Orleans.

I went inside the sleek, little modern shop to get a menu and check out the scene. ┬áThere are two iPads available to order from in case the line is too long, but I have to say between 4Food and Freshii I’m sort of tired of this futuristic style already (and we all know what happened to those two.) The menu allows an endless amount of customizable options – from crust type (thin, original, or gluten-free), sauce (red, white, BBQ), size (10, 12, or 14 inch) and a good array of toppings. They also have suggested combinations, cheesy bread, and one salad. The pizzas start at $6.99 – $8.99 and the toppings are all between $1.49-$1.89 each.

The crust here is advertised as an all-natural blend of 10 grains. The pamphlet provided goes on to justify their healthy product and it seemed like there was lots of explaining to do. The same information is listed here on their website. I didn’t try the food yet, but hope to return this week. I don’t want to pass judgments quite yet, but my first impressions made me think they’re focused on the health food thing over taste. We shall soon see. Anybody been yet? Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Naked Pizza, 954 3rd Ave (btw. 57+58th)


  • I went yesterday and got the 10″ Omnivore. With tax it came to just over $14 which was a little steep. To stay under the ML price limit you need to stick to the 10″ pie with 1 or 2 toppings (and then tax would still push you over).

    The waiting room itself is a little chaotic, but the staff is ridiculously friendly. They promised 10 minutes or less for the wait. Mine clocked in just under 11 minutes.

    As for the pizza itself. The 10″ was definitely enough for lunch…I almost stopped after 4 slices but decided to go whole hog after all. Taste-wise I’d say it was good…but not amazing. The veggies tasted very fresh…the meat was there but it barely registered over the veggies. You could tell the crust was healthy/multigrain, but it had a pleasant taste overall. (I did the regular…i might try the skinny/thin crust next time). Naked Pizza is definitely more in the “health” market than the regular pizza market, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Overall, I think they would fail miserably in a head-to-head against Pizza by Certe, but if you want pizza but want to feel better about wanting pizza – its defintely worth a try.

  • the pics on their site make me REALLY want to try it.
    Im going today. SO LOW IN FAT/CALS, etc.

  • Hey thats my bus

  • Duuude, that pizza pretty much SUCKED. It tasted like Domino’s, but worse.

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    is there a voucher like a pizza hut coupons

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