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Juicy Wings Cart Relocates… Right Next To The Competition

The Biryani Cart empire appears to be expanding its borders beyond 46th and 6th. Their Juicy Wings cart, which hasn’t actually been serving wings since February, is now set up 2 blocks south on the SW corner of 44th & 6th serving traditional favorites like biryani, street meat and kati rolls right next to My Biryani, a cart heavily “inspired” by Biryani Cart.  The  move will surely result in some “friendly” competition, but when I stopped by the much less well-known My Biryani was actually serving more people in its usual spot than the recently relocated offshoot of the original. It will be interesting to see how lines compare as more people realize they can get Biryani Cart food two blocks away, presumably with less waiting.

“My Biryani” Cart Should Rename Itself “My Kati Roll”


Last week we got wind of a new cart called “My Biryani“. It was welcome news considering how long the lines can get at the real Biryani Cart sometimes. Years ago the Biryani Cart distinguished itself from the standard street meat carts by offering specialties like biryani and kati rolls, and “My Biryani” cart takes a page out of that book. They set up shop just two blocks away (on 44th and 6th Ave), so clearly an investigation is in order. Let’s find out how the new kids on the block stack up against the Vendy Award winner.

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“My Biryani” Cart Pops Up on 44th

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Meru from the Biriyani Cart (on 46th and 6th) should be incredibly flattered this week! A new cart called “My Biryani” has popped up on 44th and 6th selling “Bombay spicy biryani”, and kati rolls.  We can’t imagine it’s better than the Biriyani Cart, but there could be some spillover action?  (The lines on 46th have gotten pretty long.) Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.  And thanks to Lunch’er “Adam Prato” for the tip and photos.