“My Biryani” Cart Pops Up on 44th

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Meru from the Biriyani Cart (on 46th and 6th) should be incredibly flattered this week! A new cart called “My Biryani” has popped up on 44th and 6th selling “Bombay spicy biryani”, and kati rolls.  We can’t imagine it’s better than the Biriyani Cart, but there could be some spillover action?  (The lines on 46th have gotten pretty long.) Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.  And thanks to Lunch’er “Adam Prato” for the tip and photos.


  • This appears to be on the SW corner of 44th….I see my dumb building.

    • Ahh, I thought I mentioned that in my email to Zach.

      I was walking past it on my way back from Virgils (their owensboro lamb is awesome).

  • I walked by there on Saturday (yes, they are out on weekends) and it smelled incredible. So.. yea, there’s that.

  • I’ll be trying it today

  • well I stopped by there a little before noon to beat any lines. Unfortunately, they told me the Biryani wasn’t ready yet and to come back in 20 minutes. So I walked over to 46th and bought it from the Biriyani Cart who had it ready to go.

  • Awww Method c’mon! Why aren’t you on OT anymore? lol

  • Okay, liveblogging the experience:

    They were friendly but a bit disorganized, got there just before 1, no line.

    We got samosas decent, a little chewy and tiny, 2 for $1.

    I got the Spicy Chicken Biryani, which in the picture looked amazing with roasted peppers and lovely chicken, but IRL was bland, had no peppers and tasteless not-spicy or seasoned chicken.

    My boss got the lamb over rice which certainly looked better or at least standard.

    In the end they figured out our order, charged us like $5 less than they should have and that was that. Certainly won’t be back again for any reason. And apologies go out to Meru, the original.

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