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Skip The Baked Ziti At Joe’s Kitchen Cart

Even though Blondie didn’t love the chicken parm from Joe’s Kitchen Cart (on 44th & 6th) she still was super curious about their baked ziti.  So with that in mind I decided to throw myself on the sword the other day.  I really hate to completely pan a food cart dish — we all know how hard the carts and trucks have it in New York City lately — but the only redeeming factor about this $5 baked ziti was the massive quantity of food. Blondie was right… this is the food of college dorm rooms, and here’s why.

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Trying out Joe’s Kitchen Cart’s Chicken Parm

Joe's Kitchen Cart

I actually stopped by Joe’s Kitchen Cart (SE corner of 44th+6th) within hours of Clay picking up the $3.50 street meat platter last week, and had the same doubts and misgivings. The odd menu, the double duty of a coffee cart trying to extend its hours into lunch without a clear agenda or needed space, and incredibly low price point are all red flags that would warrant most customers walking to one of the more trusted carts in the area instead. I knew that I should try something other than the platter, and once I saw Chicken Parm ($5) on the menu, I knew it would either be a disaster or EPIC!

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Joe’s Kitchen Coffee Cart Also Sells $3.50 Street Meat


Last week, we got a tweet from luncher “Michael” and a forum post form luncher “Chowsue” reporting that a truck on 44th and 6th avenue was serving chicken on rice for a measly $3.50. Between my love a good bargain and concern over how it could possibly be so cheap, there was more than a little internal conflict when I headed over to investigate.

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