Skip The Baked Ziti At Joe’s Kitchen Cart

Even though Blondie didn’t love the chicken parm from Joe’s Kitchen Cart (on 44th & 6th) she still was super curious about their baked ziti.  So with that in mind I decided to throw myself on the sword the other day.  I really hate to completely pan a food cart dish — we all know how hard the carts and trucks have it in New York City lately — but the only redeeming factor about this $5 baked ziti was the massive quantity of food. Blondie was right… this is the food of college dorm rooms, and here’s why.

Nothing was prepared ahead of time, not even the pasta. I watched as onions were peeled and green bell peppers were sliced … this could be seen as impressive, but this is a lunch cart, and speed is key. Anyway, veggies were sliced and sauteed in a pot. Then came the Ragu pasta sauce, (so! much!) pasta and some Polly-O mozzarella. Oh, and no baking occurred for this baked ziti. After a 15 minute wait, I left almost dreading my lunch. The taste was not horrible, but it’s al dente pasta in Ragu sauce with some melted cheese. Just skip it, this isn’t worth your $5.

It sounds like the street meat is the best lunchtime dish here so far, but with so many better options so close by … eh …

Joe’s Kitchen, 44th & 6th


  • This brings back memories of trying to spend as little of my college money on food so I could buy other things.

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    Should’ve just call this ziti in ragu sauce rather than using the word ‘baked’ in the name. This container of pasta could definitely put you into a carb coma.

  • I can’t get past to throw oneself on ones sword. Is that an expression? I searched for it and this ML post was on the first page of google hits. I know people “fall on the sword” but that idiom doesn’t really make sense in this context.

    But yes, that’s some shiti lookin’ ziti,

  • There must be some Girl Scout cookies floating around everyone’s office. That would certainly make a better meal than the crap that is described above.

  • First, thank you for letting me know to keep away from street cart baked ziti.

    Second, you should have turned away when you saw them put green peppers in there. I wont even touch the Ragu comment.

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