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Jamba Juice vs. Potbelly: A Battle For Steel Cut Oat Supremacy

Potbelly Rock Center

It’s not all that uncommon that I run out the door without something to eat in the morning so I was pretty excited to see that Potbelly in Rock Center is now serving breakfast. And even more excited to see that they had steel cut oats. I’m a big steel cut oatmeal fan and I usually splurge for the oatmeal at Jamba Juice, so I had to see how Potbelly stacked up.

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The Rock Center Jamba Juice is Finally Open

Jamba Juice Rock Center

It only took a year, but Jamba Juice-heads will be happy to know that yesterday they finally opened their new location in the Rock Center concourse (past the 50th street subway turnstile entrance in the old Cinnabon location). No word yet on when the Baskin Robbins right next door will open.