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In-N-Out Pizza, We Hardly Knew Ye

in n out pizza

It was only a matter of time before the peculiarly named dollar slice joint “In N Out Pizza” changed their name to something… well, less copyright infringe-y. And leave it to the proprietor, who seems to enjoy skirting the outer limits of branding, to name his new joint, “Two-N-A-Can”, which while practical and descriptive, could recall a whole lot of double entendres. Cease and desist order aside, I’ve been back to this joint multiple times since my original assessment, and found that it’s still a pretty good bang for the buck.

Two N A Can Pizza, 1032 6th Ave., 212-398-3288

In-N-Out Pizza or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dollar Slice

in-n-out pizza outside

The other week, we noticed that an ironically named dollar slice joint, In-N-Out, had popped up on 6th ave (at 39th St), and it appears that they opened for business at some point last week. Before I continue I’ll admit that I’ve never had a dollar slice before, but hunger and thriftiness can drive a man to do crazy things. Needless to say, my dollar slice palate is immature, so please let that caveat this write-up. And as with any new food group, no matter how strange, gross, or potentially detrimental to one’s health, it’s important to keep an open mind and keep things in perspective.
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In N Out (Pizza) is Coming to Midtown

Photo courtesy of Yvo aka the Feisty Foodie

Remember that $1 pizza place we told you about last week? The one opening on 6th Ave. near 39th street that used to be a Tasti D. Well, they’ve put more signage up in the window and their choice of name is… well… interesting. Not sure what it is about In N Out Burger that invites so much blantant theft, but one thing is for sure- their intellectual property attorneys are making bank! This sign will likely be gone in 3…2…1…