In-N-Out Pizza or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dollar Slice

in-n-out pizza outside

The other week, we noticed that an ironically named dollar slice joint, In-N-Out, had popped up on 6th ave (at 39th St), and it appears that they opened for business at some point last week. Before I continue I’ll admit that I’ve never had a dollar slice before, but hunger and thriftiness can drive a man to do crazy things. Needless to say, my dollar slice palate is immature, so please let that caveat this write-up. And as with any new food group, no matter how strange, gross, or potentially detrimental to one’s health, it’s important to keep an open mind and keep things in perspective.

in-n-out inside

The counter has a variety of unpretentious and fairly fresh looking pizzas – a white pie, a Caesar salad pie, bacon pies, and calzones, which by slice joint standards, didn’t look half bad. I’m sure most of us have downed a staler slice at some point in our drinking careers. And of course there were several plain pies, lying out in all of their low-brow glory.

dollar slice whole

A George Washington exchanged hands, and I had my dollar slice, which they didn’t bother warming, though my visit was during a high volume lunch rush – fresh pies were flying out the window. I was first pleasantly surprised by the size, which seemed generous for the price, and to my untrained eye, there seemed to be a befitting scattering of cheese. The crust had raw flour and ‘cardboard-y’ notes, but it was pliable enough to be folded ease of consumption. And the sauce was a tad over-salty, with processed, tinny, yet nostalgic notes that reminded me of the Chef Boyardee pizza kits that my next door neighbor’s Mom would inflict upon the neighborhood kids during my childhood. But for being brutish, cheap filler, this slice went down remarkably easy.

dollar slice

Was this slice worth a dollar? By all means, yes! Did I feel good about eating the pizza equivalent of a dirty water hotdog chased by a Natty Light? I had to swallow a bit of pride along with that greasy cheese, but also, yes. Would I eat here again? I already went back the next day.

In N Out Pizza, 1032 6th Ave., 212-398-3288


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