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Homefront Deli Reopens with New Owners, Same Menu

About a month ago, the ML Team reported on the Homefront Deli (41st btw. Mad+Park) renovation closure. At the time, a construction worker said the store would not change hands again. I walked by the other day and noticed the doors were open and welcoming, and I stopped in to investigate and grab lunch. I found out from staff that Tuesday was its first day back in business.

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Homefront Deli Temporarily Closed for Renovations

Homefront, a unique deli loved my many readers, (41st btw. Mad+Park) has had its share of drama over the past few years. It’s been up for sale and reportedly changed hands, gone through closures, and now Midtown Lunchers are worried it might be closed for good. I stopped by last week to investigate, and discovered that the place had been completely gutted and two guys were hard at work on renovations. Although I couldn’t find the owner, according to one of the fellows there, Homefront Deli is undergoing renovations, but it will be under the same ownership. Fans can sleep easy for now…

You Decide: Have New Owners Ruined the Homefront Deli?

Homefront Deli

I walked by the Homefront Deli for the first time the other day (on 41st btw. Mad+Park), only to discover that the owners finally sold the place a few months ago (they had been trying for awhile.) Sadly though, the new owners have given it a complete face lift. The food looked to be mostly the same, but gone were all the great hand written signs in the window, and behind the counter. (All the things I would refer to as “charm”.) Now it kind of looks like every other generic Midtown deli. I suppose the most important thing is the food though. Any big Homefront Deli fans out there who can give us the scoop? Did the owner change more than just the decor? How’s the food tasting these days? Let us know in the comments…

Homefront Deli is Up for Sale
Homefront is Not Your Average Midtown Deli

Homefront Deli is Closed Again: "Any news about when Homefront Deli (on 41st btw. Mad+Park) will reopen? I passed by on Tuesday and they had a sign that they were closed for emergency repairs. What's up with that?" Call to the place confirms... they don't have any gas, but will reopen on Monday. I guess they never ended up selling the place. (Somebody should tell them about the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge when they reopen!)