Homefront Deli Reopens with New Owners, Same Menu

About a month ago, the ML Team reported on the Homefront Deli (41st btw. Mad+Park) renovation closure. At the time, a construction worker said the store would not change hands again. I walked by the other day and noticed the doors were open and welcoming, and I stopped in to investigate and grab lunch. I found out from staff that Tuesday was its first day back in business.

I was lucky enough to stop by when William, the owner was in (who is very nice I might add). According to him, it is in fact under new ownership, but all the staff and the menu is going to be the same. Yet, the place is definitely dressed in brand new duds inside and out. The outdoor awning along with the wall menus, floors, and decor reminded me of a pair of brand new sneakers that are just WAY too white. They’re gonna take a little bit of wearing in to look cool.

Happily, I hadn’t had lunch, so I tried the chicken parm the friendly guy behind the counter suggested that had just come out of the oven. Although the prices aren’t as cheap as they were back in 2008, I’m not complaining in 2012.

This sandwich was seriously big for $5.99 (about $6.50 including tax), as you can see from the metrocard comparison (my handy little camera wrist strap decided to photobomb this pic, sorry ’bout that). There were two slices of breaded chicken parm on a soft roll. There was plenty of cheese and they even asked me if I wanted extra sauce from the meatballs. Yes, I did!

Of course, I haven’t tried all the chicken parm sandwiches in New York, so take my suggestion lightly… but this sandwich wasn’t bad at all. The chicken breading could’ve been a little crunchier I suppose, but I also really liked how the greasiness of the chicken, the sauce, and the cheese all melted into the fresh bread. And as you would predict, the sandwich was salt-tastic, so copious amounts of water are in order.

All in all, while I don’t think a chicken parm expert would give it a 10 out of 10, I think Lunch’ers would appreciate the volume per cost ratio for a decent tasting sandwich.

I accidentally eavesdropped on a conversation when I heard one customer saying how thankful she was that they had opened back up. Who’s had a chance to try the new Homefront? This was my first time here. Homefront Deli veterans: what do you think?

Homefront Deli, 41 E. 41st Street, (41st btw. Mad+Park)

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    I havent been back to the HF in ions – glad to see they are back. Last time I head the Husband and Wife team are not together – just the dude behing the grill running the show. The cats are the originators of the cheap midtown lunch. They were rockin flat brims in like 1995. Fucking place is dope – of course you need to know when to go to get the right ceasar salad. And for fucks sake dont get in the hot line if you want cold – and dont get in the cold line and order a burger!

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