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Helen’s Rice and Noodles Opens on Lex

On Friday Lunch’er Hightemp checked in to let us know about Helen’s Rice and Noodles, a brand new Korean(ish) spot just out of bounds (on Lexington and 62nd.)  They have $9 lunch boxes, with your choice of Korean meats or teriyaki, plus bibimbap, kimbap, japchae, soon doo boo, and a list of Japanes stuff like udon, ramen, and sushi.  Here’s what Hightemp had to say about the place…

I had the Spicy Pork lunch box.  Came with a big portion of brown rice, a small cup of miso soup, a small salad and 3 other sides – no choice on the sides.  Its kind of like the system at Pro Korean on 56th but without the completely pre-made boxes (the boxes were prepped with sides but the meats seemed to be cooked to order).  The pork was considerably spicier than Pro Korean and the meat quality was pretty much the same as Pro Korean.  I felt like I got a good amount of food for the price.

They do need to figure out some basics of organization though.  My order took far longer than it should have since only one of the staff members seemed to know what was going on and he kept splitting his attention to the others.   Hopefully they can get there because the food was pretty good.

Check out the menu after the jump…

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