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Gorilla Cheese Truck Owner Defends Their Prices: Don't know how we missed this one!  Last week our man Brian Hoffman checked out the new Gorilla Cheese Truck, and reported that the sandwiches were tasty but a bit on the pricey side.  You guys took the truck to task in the comments, and Fork in the Road got a response from the owner of the truck.

Gorilla Cheese Truck Proves That Size Does Matter

It’s clear that grilled cheese sandwiches are having a moment in New York. Or at least some food entrepreneurs are hoping that’s true. Perhaps this all happened thanks to America’s Next Great Restaurant, where poor Eric was ousted too early and not given time to realize his grilled cheese vision. I bet if he saw what’s happening in New York right now (especially with all these extra dipping sauces), he’d be kicking himself.

Gorilla Cheese is the first of the triumvirate of grilled cheese trucks slated to hit the city this summer. They launched a few weeks ago, but made their first foray into Midtown last Thursday. The line was rather modest when I arrived around 1:00 and it took me only 10 minutes to order and receive my sandwich. That’s quite a turnaround from what Andrea experienced downtown the previous week. Either these guys have finally got their act together or the novelty of buying grilled cheese from a truck has quickly worn off.

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Curious About the New Gorilla Cheese Truck?: They were parked Downtown yesterday, and Andrea got a first look at their cheesey wares. No word on if and when they'll try to park in Midtown, but today they're in the Flatiron (on Park Ave. btw. 26+27th). Follow them on Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker.