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FIRST LOOK: Supermac & Goodburger Now Open!

After a whole weekend of turkey and stuffing I was looking forward to getting back to my normal midtown lunch of assorted ethnic foods.   Possibly a trip to Kati Roll or some Chinese food…  For lunch today, a sandwich of any kind seemed out of the question, and certainly nothing that resembles turkey will be eaten by entering my stomach for a very long time.  Unfortunately, my Chinese food plan has been ruined by two big time Midtown Lunch openings, both serving American comfort food classics:


Photo Courtesy of our flickr friend wwny 

Supermac has finally arrived.  I don’t know if 7th ave. btw. 28th & 29th can truly be considered Midtown, but I have a feeling that for a place that serves only Mac & Cheese, a lot of Midtown Lunch’ers will be making the trek.  (Did I mention they also have Mac & Cheese nuggets???  Holy mackerel!)  [ courtesy of Eater]

The second opening is actually in Midtown- and may be providing a little east side competition for our good friends at the Parker Meridien Hotel…  All the info, after the jump:

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