FIRST LOOK: Supermac & Goodburger Now Open!

After a whole weekend of turkey and stuffing I was looking forward to getting back to my normal midtown lunch of assorted ethnic foods.   Possibly a trip to Kati Roll or some Chinese food…  For lunch today, a sandwich of any kind seemed out of the question, and certainly nothing that resembles turkey will be eaten by entering my stomach for a very long time.  Unfortunately, my Chinese food plan has been ruined by two big time Midtown Lunch openings, both serving American comfort food classics:


Photo Courtesy of our flickr friend wwny 

Supermac has finally arrived.  I don’t know if 7th ave. btw. 28th & 29th can truly be considered Midtown, but I have a feeling that for a place that serves only Mac & Cheese, a lot of Midtown Lunch’ers will be making the trek.  (Did I mention they also have Mac & Cheese nuggets???  Holy mackerel!)  [ courtesy of Eater]

The second opening is actually in Midtown- and may be providing a little east side competition for our good friends at the Parker Meridien Hotel…  All the info, after the jump:

Great news from Gothamist on Friday… the second location of Good Burger has finally opened up at Lexington and 54th.  Hamburgers, fries, shakes and more… and you don’t have to walk all the way to 2nd ave. to get it.  For a full menu, etc. go to

Courtesy of Philly2Hoboken via Gothamist

Two quality new lunch places in one week…  very exciting stuff for us Midtown Lunch’ers.  (Although I’ll probably still eat Chinese food today…)


  • WWNY is my friend! Haha. Anyway, I love mac & cheese… drool

  • Three of us just split some SUPERMAC….here’s our opinions:

    Lobster Thermidor: tasty, but not overly amazing
    Wild Mushrooms: very woody and earthy, impressive
    Mac Burger: if you like hamburger helper, you’ll love this
    B&G: best of the bunch; smoky, cheesey, yummmm eee!

    Thanks for the hook up!

  • Looks like everyone likes a goodburger. New location opening soon by Union Square.

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