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You Decide: The Mexican Food at Fashion Soup

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Fashion Soup, a really good take out place on 41st btw. 6th & Broadway featuring tasty soups homemade by its Eastern European owner (who also works in the store during the day.) Seeing as it’s Fashion Week, I thought I’d drop by and see what was going on. In addition to being curious about changes, I was also secretly interested in seeing if business changed considering the influx of fashionable peoples under tents, half an avenue away in Bryant Park.

What I found was a big surprise…  Read more »

Fashion Week Eats: The tent has gone up in Bryant Park once again, and if you're attending Fashion Week (or are just looking to hang out and pick up models) the food recommendations I made for February's Fashion Week still apply. If you don't fall into either category above, you may want to stay away from Bryant Park today through next Friday.

Guide to Fashion Week Eats for Workers & Lurkers

Who says a short fat Jewish guy who refuses to spend more than $10 on lunch every day (except in extreme all you can eat buffet circumstances) can’t have anything to do with Fashion Week?  With shows in full swing at Bryant Park, Madewell (a new’ish chain of stores from the owners of J Crew) asked me for a list of places to grab some eats between shows, for a flier they’ve been handing out all week underneath the tent.  Apparently those people do in fact eat.  Who knew?

If you’re going to be at one of the Fashion Week events, you shouldn’t have any problem snagging one of the fliers… but if you’re a Bryant Park stalker, hoping to run into your future wife during your lunch break, your access may be limited (also, you should know you have no chance with those women.  Their shoes cost more than your weekly salary). 

For those dudes, here’s a map, and list of the suggestions appearing in the flier, after the jump… Read more »