Guide to Fashion Week Eats for Workers & Lurkers

Who says a short fat Jewish guy who refuses to spend more than $10 on lunch every day (except in extreme all you can eat buffet circumstances) can’t have anything to do with Fashion Week?  With shows in full swing at Bryant Park, Madewell (a new’ish chain of stores from the owners of J Crew) asked me for a list of places to grab some eats between shows, for a flier they’ve been handing out all week underneath the tent.  Apparently those people do in fact eat.  Who knew?

If you’re going to be at one of the Fashion Week events, you shouldn’t have any problem snagging one of the fliers… but if you’re a Bryant Park stalker, hoping to run into your future wife during your lunch break, your access may be limited (also, you should know you have no chance with those women.  Their shoes cost more than your weekly salary). 

For those dudes, here’s a map, and list of the suggestions appearing in the flier, after the jump…

1.  Trini Pak Cart (SE Corner of 43rd St. & 6th Ave.) – It’s still my dream to see some model decked out in super expensive clothes, ordering food from a Chicken & Rice Cart.  If you catch one, please take a photo.
2.  Halal & Seafood Cart (NW Corner of 39th & 5th) – I know fish is less fattening, so maybe you’ll have a better chance at this cart… although the shrimp they serve are fried.
3.  Starwich (38th St. btw. 5+6th) – I’m guessing ‘wichcraft in Bryant Park will be mob scene, so head over to the original, overpriced fancy Midtown sandwich place, only a few blocks away.
4.  Fashion Soup (41st btw. 6+7th) – I’m still convinced this place was named to attract people from Fashion Week twice a year- because there is nothing fashionable about it.  They do, however, make damn good soups.
5.  Kati Roll (38th btw. 5+6th) – Their new location means Indian Burritos are now only 2 blocks away from Bryant Park, instead of 4.  That’s two less blocks you’ll have to walk in your heels.
6.  Cafe Zaiya (Two Locations) - If the crazy location on 41st btw. Mad+5th is too much, there is now the new cafe on the 2nd floor of the Kinokuniya Bookstore on 6th Ave., right across the street from Bryant Park.
7.   Chiyoda Sushi (41st btw. Madison+5th) – In all seriousness, this is probably the best recommendation.  More stylish than Cafe Zaiya and models love sushi, right?


  • Berger’s on the Go (39th and 5th), for original Kosher style Deli food and a killer burger.

    Bravo Pizza (42nd and 5th) for a good slice

    Grand Central, for everything

    Le Pain Quotidien (40th and 6th)- After all these are fashion week people

    Zeytinz (40th bet 5th and 6th)- Far better than your average midtown deli, with an assortment of great middle-eastern foods. (Gozelme and several Kebabs).

    Indian Convenience Store (38th and 6th)- Vegetarian Indian food for all the fashionable vegetarians

    Le Croissant Shop (38th and 6th)- Not for the croissants, but for the authentic Mexican tacos.

  • Can’t forget the Kati roll cart on 46th and 6th! I go there atleast 2 times a week, usually 3. I keep it to $20 a week, usually even less then that… And I’m not even Jewish…

  • Pat, although you are not a Jew, you are clearly a tool.

  • ‘oorrrf with his head.

  • If only I were 6 inches taller and 50lbs skinnier I’d linger around the places Zach detailed, masquerading as a model, waiting for my ship to come in. Thanks for the Madewell tip though. This is now my favorite fashion blog.

  • Like Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous?

  • i just ate at Chiyoda sushi — mainly because I somehow mixed up names and thought i was going back to Yushi — but needless to say, my seared salmon with lemon was safe, albeit decisively tasteless; the hijiki salad was way too oceany, floating in liquid and overly fishy for my palate; and my boyfriend got the spicy tuna roll, which supposedly had chives in it although i’m convinced there was a hint of green tea — either way, not good. And the “spicy” orange sauce on top was strangely sweet and nasty. next time, i splurge for Yushi.

  • I spend $1.67 at Naples 45 twice a week, and I’m not even a complete douchebag like Pat…

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