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C’est Bon Cafe Sells Quality Baked Goods


Totally forgot to mention this… my trip to 57 Napoli Pizza e Vino wasn’t all bad. The deli downstairs sells a motley arrangement of quality baked goods: a selection of macarons from Macaron Cafe, various super-large cookies from Eleni’s, and morning pastries from Ceci-Cela. On my way out, I picked up a chocolate and salted caramel macaron that tasted fresh enough (even though the salted caramel had shamrocks on it.) A great find for sweets lovers in Midtown North…

C’est Bon Cafe, 120 E. 57th (btw. Mad+Park), 212-888-7272

Midtown Gets a Pizza “Speakeasy”?

Pre-57 Napoli Pizza e Vino storefrontGrub Street reported last week that the C’est Bon Cafe (on 57th btw. Park+Lex) has opened 57 Napoli Pizza e Vino a new “pizza speakeasy” in the 2nd floor space above their cafe. Sadly the menu is mostly out of the Midtown Lunch price range, and it looks strikingly similar to the pizza offerings that have always been on the menu at C’est Bon.  But I have to say we are still kind of curious. Has anybody tried the pizza at this place?  (The new place on the 2nd floor or the original.) Let us know what you think in the comments…