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Is it Possible Cafe R Serves the Best Curly Fries?

Cafe RCafe R (32nd btw. 6+7th) the massive “international food court” has been opened for about 2 months now. When it first opened it was crowded and the lines were slow moving. Though going through the menus from each station, Cafe R looked promising. I was looking forward to trying the West Indies station, bulgogi burger and fried chicken.

After 2 months, I returned to see if anything had change and hopefully get some West Indies food.

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Is the Kimbap from Cafe R Any Good?

Cafe RIs this what you’d call an occupational hazard? My stomach hasn’t been feeling well lately (most likely all the crap I have been eating) and whenever I feel sick I always crave for cleaner foods. Nothing heavy or oily. Usually I would get kimbap and it’s great since most places give you free soup on the side.

Last time I was at Cafe R I noticed they had a kimbap station with a lady making kimbaps behind the counter so I decided to give it a try.

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Your First Look at the Massive Cafe R

Cafe R Café R opened its doors to the public this Monday and I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t a bit excited for this.  Sure, it could be just another generic Midtown deli.  But it’s also huge… and maybe, just maybe, it could a bit more.  (Maybe this could be Koreatown’s Cafe Duke!)  I usually wait a bit before trying new things out, but I couldn’t wait for this one- fully knowing it would be a mob scene.

As I walked through the doors I bumped into few of my old coworkers and they all gave positive comments about the food. And one of the guys had already been there three times. There might be hope for this place!

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Massive Block Long Deli Opening Monday

Just walked by Cafe R, the new deli on 32nd btw. 6+7th that we told you about back in January, and they’re almost ready to open.  The shelves were stocked already with generic deli things like sancks, candies, drinks, etc. and they will be serving breakfast, coffee, pasta, asian food, wraps (aka pretty generic deli stuff.)  It’s not the Food Gallery 32 we were hoping for but it is massive! The place stretches all the way to 31st street, like Cafe Duke, but times 4.

Check out the football field’ish inside after the jump…

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Cafe R To Give Gallery 32 a Run For Its Money?

Thanks to Lunch’er Steven for sending along this photo and tip yesterday:  ”Looks like Food Gallery 32 may be getting some competition soon.  Cafe R is on 32nd bet 6th & 7th.  Next to your favorite burger place Cafe Arome.  The sign says “International Food Court.”  The name sounds like a generic deli, but it could be good.”  Or not.   We’ll keep our fingers crossed (but won’t be holding our breath.)